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Costa Rica is a world leader in sustainable development, taking great care to conserve its tropical jungles, beaches and marine life. Our resort fully reflects this vision.

Our hotel consists of igloo cabins built using the airform method, whereby construction materials are built on to a mold and left to set.


The resulting dome is a rock-solid monolith, and uses 50 per cent less energy to heat and cool than a conventionally built structure. Covered in tropical vegetation, the cabins harmonize beautifully with the surrounding fauna.

eco hotel manuel antonio costa rica


Costa Rica has taken all measures necessary to deal with the current crisis and ensure the safety and comfort of visitors.


Igloo Beach Lodge with all its facilities has stayed open throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so. Our hotel provides the perfect refuge for vacationers wishing to escape the strain of lockdowns and curfews. Our cabins provide the safest possible accommodation for everyone. 

We have rearranged our dining area and pool in accordance with health requirements, ensuring the continuation of our relaxed and carefree atmosphere for all.


Our dedicated staff have been trained in dealing with the precautions necessitated by the pandemic. The surrounding beaches and wildlife areas have also taken all measures necessary to ensure the health and safety of visitors.


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