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In our open air, open plan restaurant, surrounded by tropical plants, our diners can enjoy their meals while soothed by the fresh breezes from the Pacific Ocean and the sound of waves breaking on the beach.


For us, our dishes are not just a matter of great food, but a philosophy of healthy eating put into living practice.

Group outings, weddings and other celebrations are expertly catered to by our dedicated staff.

Matthew Kenney is a world renowned chef specializing in plant-based recipes, winner of awards from Food & Wine magazine and the James Beard Foundation.


Here at Igloo Beach Lodge Hotel, he has partnered with our chef Lamia Funti to guarantee our guests an unforgettable gastronomic experience. We believe in providing dishes with ingredients that reflect the unmatched biodiversity of Costa Rica, with food from local producers.


Our menu is not exclusively vegan or vegetarian, and you can also enjoy fish fresh from the Pacific Ocean.

Casa Lamia is located on top of a hill and offers the most beautiful sunset view in Manuel Antonio.

Take a break from your daily routine and stop by for delicious tastes at Casa Lamia.

Happiness in each sip. · Excellent cocktails which are never going out of taste. 

Tent by our private beach for a couple

or for a fun group outing​ $120 a guest​ Welcome cocktail included

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